Safety at work

Organization safety at work during construction and operation of offshore wind turbines, taking into account the FINO3 research platform as a best practice example (FINO3 Safety OWES)

University of Applied Sciences Kiel, Laboratory of Industrial Science (LfA)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Constantin Kinias

The use of wind energy and the growing need for high-performance wind farms in poorly accessible areas (offshore) have significantly increased safety and reliability requirements. Previous established occupational safety and health promotion concepts from other sectors do not apply to the construction and operation of wind turbines. An adaptation and further development of these existing concepts in the field of the oil and gas offshore industry offer new possibilities and opportunities to pilot and apply new methods and methods in planning and development.

The aim of the project is the development of a systematic approach for the integration of occupational health and safety management as a service for the installers, operators and other technical service companies on offshore wind turbines. The project "FINO3 Safety OWES" covers all phases of the product life, from design to maintenance and repair, including remodeling and recycling. The results of the project will be compared with the experiences of the FINO3 research platform (construction and operation) as a best practice example. Occupational safety and health promotion for offshore wind energy workers is being actively developed as a service. Thus, the project will provide a solid technical basis for the successful and universal service oriented to economic success.

The project is funded by the state government of Schleswig-Holstein in accordance with the directive for the granting of grants to promote research, development and technology transfer with state funds and has a term until the end of February 2014.

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