Public campaign FINO1, FINO2, FINO3

Public campaign for the three research platforms FINO1, FINO2 and FINO3

Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum Fachhochschule Kiel GmbH
Prof. Dr. Gordon Eckardt

Since the three research platforms FINO1, FINO2 and FINO3 are run by different companies, their appearance in the public is also different. All three research platforms have their own external appearance and corporate communications. In public, they are not always perceived as a single entity. The aim of this project was to develop a common and strengthened communication policy for all three platforms. This should increase the visibility of the three research platforms nationally and internationally in order to create the opportunity to initiate and implement further R & D projects related to the platforms.

The project was funded by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) with funds from the 2011 federal budget. The duration of the project was 24 months and ended in December 2013.

Since May 2012, the three platforms have been presented on a common homepage at, which was developed as a "roof portal" and "interaction portal". During the project period, two online surveys were conducted on the need for research in the offshore wind energy sector as a means of user retention.

Activities and goals

Objectives of the surveys were:

  • Increased awareness of the research platforms FINO1,2 and 3
  • Identification of current and potential research and development needs
  • Assessment of the offshore wind energy industry from the perspective of market participants
  • Generating attention for the offerings and possibilities of the research platforms
  • Intensification of communication with the public

The participation in the online survey - especially companies - was above average. The majority of the surveyed institutions have only been active in the offshore sector since 2010 and assess the future development of their sub-sector as a whole better than in the previous financial year. Almost all participating institutions are forecasting very good growth prospects for their sub-sector until about the end of 2015. The majority judge the state of technological development as good and assess the still-to-be-expected innovation potential as high. There is still a need for research and development in network connection and logistics. Network expansion and political and legal framework conditions are the most important topics of the future. The research interest in the offshore wind energy sector is high - especially in the areas of operation, maintenance, maintenance, maritime assembly as well as transport and logistics to the wind farm.

In June 2012, all three platforms presented themselves together at the "WINDFORCE 2012" trade fair, Germany's first offshore trade fair. The largest German offshore wind energy conference was held there for the first time together with the international offshore wind energy trade fair. The fair was organized by WAB, the network of the wind energy industry in the northwest region and a national contact for the offshore wind industry.

At the end of October, an international expert audience met at the Atlantic Hotel Kiel for the 2013 FINO Congress. In twelve lectures, the 120 listeners were given the latest information on meteorology, hydrology, bird migration, sound and scour protection on all three research platforms. At the beginning, the image film developed as part of this project on the research platforms in the North and Baltic Seas was shown. The conference offered a unique opportunity to update knowledge on current research projects and to hold discussions with researchers, platform operators, and representatives of the promoter and the Federal Government.