Other technical projects

Offshore structures are usually difficult or only partially accessible. Comprehensive safety concepts lead to a steadily growing number of sensor monitoring systems.

Multi-use offshore platforms

The UNITED project uses pilot demonstrators to investigate the practicability of jointly carrying out various activities at the same maritime location, on so-called multi-use platforms, for the European maritime industry and for local ecosystems.

Scratch resistant anti-biofouling coatings

Sensorial monitoring systems typically have significant deficiencies in corrosion resistance and inhibition of growth, severely limiting the life of these devices. The need for scratch-resistant, growth-inhibiting and corrosion-resistant coatings is therefore very large.

Anti-biofouling coatings

Micromechanical and electrochemical processes are of top importance because of the specific highly corrosive seawater environment, as they can weaken a structure to such an extent that the consequences could be catastrophic.

Shallow-water ROV

The goal is the design and construction of a remote-controlled, cable-guided underwater vehicle (ROV), which can be used instead of divers while periodic inspections.

Corrosion protection

The goals are the development of corrosion protection coatings for small to medium-sized and geometrically complex components and the development of transparent anti-biofouling coatings for optical parts for the online monitoring of underwater structures.

Safety at work

The aim is to develop a systematic approach for integrating occupational health and safety management as a service for the installers, operators and other technical service companies of offshore wind turbines.

Public campaign FINO1, FINO2, FINO3

The aim of this project is the development of a common and strengthened communication policy for all three platforms in order to increase the awareness of the three research platforms nationally and internationally.