Current research projects at FINO3

FINO3 is used to obtain meteorological, oceanographic and ecological data and forms the basis of a large number of research projects. With the help of measuring data and ecological insights, offshore construction projects such as wind turbines and substations are being optimized. The investigations also serve to reduce risks.

Monitoring concept for grout connections

The aim is to develop a concept for monitoring grout connections. The monitoring concept is based both on robust sensor technology with sufficient corrosion resistance to chlorides and on individually adapted warning levels for load-bearing capacity assessment.

Microbial corrosion

The aim of the overall project is to find economic solutions to reduce microbially induced corrosion inside the monopiles of offshore wind turbines and thus extend their service life. To this end, the susceptibility of the monopile steel currently in use and economic modifications to MIC in the monopile are to be tested using the FINO3 research platform as an example.

Circular low-trophic offshore aquaculture in wind farms

The ULTFARMS project aims to go beyond the current application of Low Trophic Aquaculture (LTA) systems and develop novel technical, ecological and biological processes to optimize production in harsh offshore and low salinity conditions and integrate them into Offshore Wind Farms (OWFs).

Bird migration

FINO3 belongs to a network of automatic receiving stations in the area of the German Bight, which receive signals from songbirds, which are equipped with tiny radio telemetry transmitters.


Anemometers and wind vanes are used to measure wind speed and direction at a total of eight altitudes between 30 and 100 meters.


Oceanographic data are collected on and in the immediate field of the platform by means of a sea buoy, an acoustic flow meter and CTD and oxygen probes.


Using the GNSS1 system, a height reference is realized on FINO3 and the recorded water level data are exactly georeferenced or provided with an exact height reference.

Gamma radiation

Environmental radioactivity is continuously monitored on FINO3 using a sensor. In case of an accident, the radioactive contamination of the environment is detected quickly and the expected radiation exposure can be estimated.