Wind conditions

The wind conditions were investigated in 2002 by the German Weather Service (DWD) as part of a survey and compared with the classification details below.

Wind speed

According to the DWD report, based on ship observations over 43 years, the threshold values for wind speeds on an hourly average by statistical evaluation are assumed to be as follows:

Repetition period Wind speed
1 Jahr 27.8 m/s
10 Jahre 31.4 m/s
20 Jahre 32.5 m/s
50 Jahre 33.8 m/s
100 Jahre 34.8 m/s

Wind direction

The most frequent wind direction (ignoring wind strengths) is given in the DWD report as west.

Air temperature

Mean: 9.5°C
Monthly average extremes: -4°C bis 21°C
Daily extremes: -10°C bis 30°C

Other climatic conditions

Salt content of the sea water ~ 3.5 %
Days with fog (visibility distances < 1000 m) ~ 45 /a
Stormy days ~ 25 /a
Number of lightning flashes ~ 2 /km² a
Sunshine duration ~ 2000 h/a
Volume of precipitation ~ 750 mm/a