Wind turbulence

Measuring and analysing high-frequency turbulence components (< 10 kHz) in offshore wind to optimise aerodynamic blade profiles

Fachhochschule Kiel, Institut für Konstruktion und Entwicklung
Prof. Dr. Alois Peter Schaffarczyk

The aim of the project is to investigate turbulences in on- and offshore wind. For this, piezoelectric sensors are used to measure high-frequency aerodynamic wind components at different locations.

Another aim is to analyse the influence of the turbulence component in the transition from laminar to turbulent flow and suitably optimise the rotor blades. The onshore measurements show that meaningful results can be achieved and that averaged measured values are comparable with those from Schalenstern anemometers. The offshore measurements will be taken on the FINO3 research platform as from the autumn. They are accompanied by numerical flow simulations of two-dimensional rotor blade profiles and a stability analysis of the interface using a simplified EN method. Measurements and simulation data are then combined to optimise the rotor blades.

The offshore wind is expected to be less turbulent, which has far-reaching consequences for the blades and profiles of a wind turbine. The turbulent profiles applied in the onshore area can be replaced by so-called laminar profiles. These are more productive due to lower friction losses.

To the results

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