Waves, wind and weather

Oceanographic data as well as wind speeds and wind directions are essential for the planning and construction as well as for the operation of offshore structures. The better one understands the situation offshore, the safer and more efficient the operation.

Wind fields and gusts of wind

Detecting wind fields in real time can be used as an input parameter for short wind forecasts (30-60 s), which in turn can be used to actively control wind turbines.

Wave behaviour

Radar measurement of wave combs is designed to clarify the behavior of large, steep waves at sea. The new process is being tested for the first time as a permanent operation on FINO3.

Wind turbulence

The aim of the project is to investigate turbulences in on- and offshore wind. For this, piezoelectric sensors are used to measure high-frequency aerodynamic wind components at different locations.

Lightning strike

The objective of the research project is to obtain lightning current figures at sea. This is intended to give the manufacturers of wind turbines the opportunity to conduct suitable lightning protection measures for offshore purposes.