Structure of the ground

Monitoring the soil structure of the FINOSEIS offshore structures – Technology for monitoring the site of offshore structures with seismic waves at interfaces for quantifying the potential risk resulting from structural changes in the ground

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rabbel

Under dynamic stresses from current, wave action and wind pressure, there may be changes to the sediment structure in the immediate vicinity of offshore structures. Such changes can present a considerable potential risk to the structure.

The objective of the FINOSEIS sub-project is to quantify the development over time and the spatial expansion of such effects using various seismic methods. These include procedures with seismic interface waves, which on the one hand are developed on the platform and run up and down the monopile, and on the other are actively and passively stimulated in the vicinity of the platform and propagate on the seabed interface. Seismic reflection measurements are carried out to determine the structural qualities.

To the results

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