Shallow-water ROV

Specification, construction and offshore test of a shallow water ROV suitable for use without mothership - HeliROV

University of Applied Sciences Kiel - Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabah Badri-Höher

IIn the "HeliROV" project, a remote-controlled cable-guided underwater vehicle (ROV) is to be designed and built specifically for the use of periodic inspections at underwater structures in a maximum water depth of 100 meters.

The aim of this project is to minimize the costs. Therefore, the ROV should not be deployed from a ship, but directly from the platform of offshore wind turbines. The small-sized, lightweight diving robot is suitable for a helicopter transport. It is economically and technically optimized, which significantly reduces maintenance and operating costs. The ROV is equipped with cameras, sonar and various sensors.

The HeliROV prototype will initially be adapted to the environment and to the inspection tasks of the FINO3 platform. The ROV construction must be suitable both for the interior of the monopile and for the outer underwater structures.

The Ministry of Energy Transition, Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas of the State of Schleswig-Holstein is funding the project until mid-December 2016 with state funds.

To the results

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