Wind fields and gusts of wind

Measurement and short-term forecast of wind fields and wind gusts with the marine radar (wind in front of DanTysk)

Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht - Centre for Materials and Coastal Research
Dr. Jochen Horstmann

The local wind field is naturally subject to a strong spatial and temporal variability. Detecting wind fields in real time could be used as the input parameter for wind short term forecasts (30-60 s), which in turn can be used to actively control wind turbines. The so far unrealisable short-term forecast of the local wind field and the gusts of wind is, especially with reference to the use of wind energy, the object of current research.

Activities and goals

In these projects, we intend to use the coherent marine radar already used to measure seaway and current to quantify the local wind field at sea surface in space and time and to forecast it for a short period (30-60 s). The main objective is to continuously measure the wind in direction and speed in a radius of 2-3 km with a spatial resolution of about 50 m.

In addition, the wind gusts are to be identified and measured spatially and temporally with the radar image sequences and the resulting wind fields. These parameters are then used with a simple wind speed prediction model to predict the predictive control of a wind turbine to avoid overshoots and reduce wear.

To the results

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