Measured data

The data published here are unchecked live extractions (mean and peak values from 10 minutes) from the measurement systems.

The verified data are made available via the "Insitu Portal of the BSH" and can be accessed at the BSH after registration. The BSH will then send you a link under which you can select the publicly accessible specialized procedures of the BSH. To access the FINO database, please select the specialist procedure "Insitu".

Follow the FINO data in the BSH Insitu Portal

Meteorological data

Wind speed SKN+40m (10min Avg/Max) 7.8 m/s 9.5 m/s
Wind speed SKN+106m (10min Avg/Max) 8.4 m/s 9.4 m/s
Temperature -- Wind direction 240 ° (S)
Air pressure 1001.0 hPa Global radiation --
Relative humidity -- Precipitation 0.0 mm

State of data: 2024-05-29, 21:10 UTC

Source: DNV GL

Data from HZG and DNV GL
The left part shows the current wind field determined by the radar at the FINO3 (HZG). The right part shows the anemometer measurements of the last 20 minutes at different heights (DNV GL)

Hydrological data

Wave direction --
Designated wave height 1.2 m
Highest single wave 2.0 m
Water level --
Water temperature (surface) 14.9 °C
Measuring depth Temperature Flow Direction
6m below LAT 14.9 °C -- --
12m below LAT 12.5 °C -- --
18m below LAT 10.7 °C -- --

State of data: 2024-05-29, 21:01 UTC

Source: BSH