Design of the FINO3

Height details for the FINO3
Height details for the FINO3

FINO3 consists of the following main components:

  • lightning rod
  • three-sided lattice tower with booms between 30 and 105 m high
  • helicopter deck
  • bridge for oceanographic measurements
  • work deck
  • transition piece with jetty design
  • six diagonal supports for the platform corners and the base points of the mast
  • monopile (foundation pipe) with an anchoring depth of approx. 30 m and a total length of 55 m

Technical specifications:

Total height of structure 172 m
Height of platform deck 22 m
Water depth 22 m
Anchoring depth in seabed 30 m
Diameter of monopile 3.0 – 4.7m
Edge length of mast 1.8 – 6 m
Boom length 3.1 – 8.8 m
Area of platform deck 13 m x 13 m
Diameter of helicopter deck 14 m
Total mass 600 t