Aims of FINO3

There is not yet any experience worldwide in setting up offshore wind farms with locations in very deep water or long distances from the coast. The objective of the FINO3 project is to reduce the risks existing as a result of this and to accelerate the development of planned offshore wind farms.

The first aim of the project was the conception, development, construction, erection and commissioning of a research platform in the North Sea. Research and technology projects of various universities and companies are being carried out on this platform. Further objectives are the successful running of the research platform and the acquisition and implementation of research projects on relevant topics related to the offshore theme.

A large number of the FINO3 research projects lead one to expect new and exploitable results, especially in the area of wave propagation, wind force, sound field, supply and other innovative areas.

The research platform will make an important contribution to the data situation. Furthermore the project will also provide small and medium-size companies with an opportunity to build up references and demonstrate their performance capability under realistic conditions.